[Calico-users] Updated instructions for Calico on El Capitan

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[Calico-users] Updated instructions for Calico on El Capitan

Doug Blank
[Updated notes from GATech. -Doug]

Here are the basics for installing on El Capitan Calico:

1. Download and install the latest Mono for Mac:


2. Download the Calico installer from:


3. Double click the downloaded .dmg file in the downloads folder

4. "Calico Installer" will show up on the left sidebar in Finder. Open
the .app inside of it.

5. You may need to allow third party applications to open in System
Preferences. To do so:

   a. Open System Preferences from /⁠⁠Applications/⁠⁠Utilities/⁠⁠
   b. Open Security and Privacy
   c. Click the lock on the bottom left and type the password
   d. There should be a button you can press to open calico if you have
already tried. Otherwise, click the “anywhere” radio button
   e. Head back to step 4

6. Follow the prompts

7. Open calico from /⁠⁠Applications/⁠⁠Utilities/⁠⁠Calico/⁠⁠calico.app

Note that the installer is working on something for as long as the
gear is spinning in your menubar; If nothing appears to be happening,
just give it some time.

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